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The Kreuznerhof in Lüsen – your holiday on the farm in South Tyrol

Adventure, relaxation, oasis of quietness and wellness in one, this is what you will find at our Kreuznerhof

Lively, family-run farm in South Tyrol – with warm hospitality. With us all your senses are activated

With authentic South Tyrolean hospitality, the Rastner family welcomes you to an adventurous and relaxing holiday in Lüsen. Holidays on a farm in South Tyrol give you the opportunity to experience your family holiday individually and to enjoy the varied natural landscapes. You will have the opportunity to experience life on the farm with all the animals, the tradition, the nature and the hospitality and to become part of it during your vacation time. Our farm is located in Lüsen at an altitude of 900 meters. The location of the farm in the Dolomites and the close connection to attractive destinations, beautiful hiking routes and entertaining recreational opportunities make our farm a favorite resort for active vacationers, families with children and especially nature lovers. Nestled in soft meadows and woods our farm is the starting point for long walks and some hiking tours. Here you can spend an unconventional holiday on the farm without sacrificing wellness, peace and gastronomy.

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Farmer, herb garden & Orchard

Gardening, as a balm for the soul – Delicious products directly from the farm
In our newly created herb and vegetable garden, you can help yourself. We have a large selection of different salads depending on the season. Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, onions, zucchini and much more are available. We also cultivate various herbs to refine your food and drinks so that they become a pleasure experience. However, herbs are not only meant for flavor enhancement, but they also have the healing power of nature. You will be amazed by the variety and the wide range of applications. Help yourself!

Trees are like humans, each one stands alone and is unique
Around our farm in Lüsen you will find trees of all sizes, and of course shrubs. They all supply us with different fruits which we then process depending on the season to juices, syrups or spreads, to the farm’s own products. You will find: apple trees, apricot trees, plum trees, cherry trees and a large old walnut tree. Our bushes include currant, raspberry, and blackberry. Built in the orchard meadow is also our playground for the children. In addition we still have some grapes.


For children, there is nothing better than being able to let off steam in nature and to pick themselves a little treat from the tree or shrub. On our playground are:

  • trampoline
  • playhouse (with play kitchen)
  • swing
  • bird’s nest swing7
  • sand box (various sand play utensils available)
  • balance beam
  • hammock
  • hollywood swing
  • climbing trees

Play and snack in one place – your family holiday on a farm in South Tyrol

In the summer we also have a large paddling pool for the children, where they will cool down, even in the evening. In addition, we have pedal tractors, go-cards, scooters, inline skates and bicycles. So everyone will find something for themselves. Experience farm holidays with plenty of variety for the kids and enjoy the time. You will see, our farm will be an exploration trip for your family. Your holiday in South Tyrol will be an unforgettable stay.

Animals at the farm

Lively farm – experience nature in the mountains of South Tyrol Your children, but also you are invited to experience our variety of animals up close. You can help us by feeding, cleaning, but above all, your children will surely be waiting to touch the animals. The rabbits, hares and cats love many pats. Feel free to sit by the pond and watch our ducks, if you are lucky enough, you can see how the chicks hatch and swim for the first time in the pond. But you can also join us in the evening in the stable, try your luck with milking and try a mouthful of fresh milk.

When a cow calves, the kids are always looking for great names for the calves. That would be something for your children. Not to forget our big and small chickens who are happy about your visit and the eggs taste even better, if you can get them from the nests by yourselves. Although our pigs have their own distinctive smell, the bacon and the sausages made from it taste delicious. All this refreshes life and pleases your heart and that of your children. During an evening walk you can certainly observe a wild animal: there are enough foxes, deer and birds with us. All you have to do is to walk along the path with your eyes open and quiet.

Recreation room

Our new lounge was built with great attention to detail. A lot of wood was used to enchant our guests stay with us. Here you can take your breakfast on request.
By rainy weather you are also welcome to pick up a book or a magazine from our reading corner and make yourself comfortable in the armchair or at the table. Did you hear the fresh smell of the wood? Yes, that’s how it relaxes. For the children, we have provided a variety of games and children’s books, so you also have some holiday, if the sun should not shine. If the weather absolutely does not play along, then we have also provided some crafting utensils. We are happy to support your children in their craft activities. If desired, also daily. You see, the well-being of your entire family is taken care of.

The Rastner family welcomes you

We, that is Karin, Christian, Nadine and Kevin, have been running the farm for more than ten years in the third generation with a lot of passion and commitment. It is a small dairy farm in a side valley of Brixen. In 2007 we started to renovate the big farmhouse. In the following years, there were always renewals around the house. Thus, two apartments were built on the ground floor. One of them serves as a holiday apartment from the spring of 2018. Only in the autumn of 2017, we have built a small but fine additional structure to the apartment to be able to offer you even more comfort. They have an entrance door on their own and therefore have a lot of privacy. There is someone available for you throughout the day.

Our children Nadine and Kevin born 2004-2009, help with pleasure and naturalness at the farm. But also look forward to new playmates. You can relax with us in the mountains with your children from your stressful everyday life. You are cordially invited to assist us in the work around the farm, if you feel like it.

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